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The Leland Home is a not-for-profit organization with a reputation as a good employer.  It offers fair wages, benefits and opportunities for training and advancement.  It is community based, with boards comprised of local leaders and programs with a long stable history in communities.

These solid values are put into action at The Leland Home.  The community serves people from all economic backgrounds.  The funds stay within the organization.  There are no shareholders, no investors, just the community we serve.  Staff comes largely from the greater Waltham area with close to 30% of those dedicated professionals having been here for more than 5 years and 50% for more than 10 years.  The community is run by a board with local community leaders.  They know the staff, the residents and their families and they have a personal interest in making sure the organization is well run.

For more information please contact Christine Battisti-Keane at or call 781-893-2557.

Merging with Deaconess Abundant Life Communities in Spring of 2014, The Leland Home is proud to be a part of another long-standing organization.  Since its establishment in 1889, Deaconess knows the success of each community is the result of the dedication and achievement of those who work in the communities.  Progress and growth in the future continues to depend on our greatest asset – the men and women who work together to provide a fulfilling lifestyle for those we serve.